about me.

Hello! My name is Jess, and I enjoy all things data. My interest in data started in 2017 when I joined a strategy, and consulting firm focused on Qlik implementation.

Fast-forward to today, and I've had the privilege of working at a healthcare company, a global online gambling organization, a start-up, and most recently, in, Ed-Tech. My main focus these days is building courses at DataCamp. I'm also a Microsoft Certified Power BI Analyst.

When I'm not working you'll often find me hanging out with my wife, watching sports or playing Pokemon on Nintendo Switch or F1 for PS5.

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where i've worked.

  1. Content Developer @ DataCamp

    At DataCamp, I'm responsible for the course-development process from post-planning to course launch.

    Tech Stack: SQL, Power BI, Tableau

    See the courses I've been involved in!
  2. Senior Data Analyst @ cargo.one

    Tech Stack: SQL, Looker, Tableau

  3. Marketing BI Analyst @ William Hill

    Tech Stack: SQL, Python, Power BI

  4. Information Analyst @ Elysium Healthcare

    Tech Stack: SQL, SSRS, Power BI

  5. Multiple sales role


Coming soon 🚧